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4 Mary St, Donnybrook – 11am to 11.30am
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The election is over Scomo is in!!!! What could this mean?!!? 

After a surprising win for the liberal party that has come during 2019’s latest election, experts are left question what this means for the rental industry.

Some specialists have come to think that this could possibly see an increases in the stability of the rental market, while others have come to believe that without the proposed changes to negative gearing, we could be seeing a stagnation in the market, this being categorised by an increase of days a property will stay on the market and a decrease in the overall pricing on houses.

So with all of this what can we actually take away from this election?

  • With key policies being unchanged regarding negative gearing and the communities faith in the government remaining constant, the property market will remain stable with lending restrictions easing opening up the property market for prospective first-time home buyers.
  • Tax cut concessions for middle-income families will increase buying power for this bracket.
  • Market recovery trends are set to trend well past the election date allowing the property market to level out housing prices on the market before heading back to a slow and sustainable increase in property value.

No changes to negative gearing may have affected the number of potential investors searching for properties over the next few months but this does not mean that there will be no interested buyers.


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